Insane Clown Posse : Bizzar (CD, Album)
Insane Clown Posse : Bizzar (CD, Album)
Insane Clown Posse : Bizzar (CD, Album)
Insane Clown Posse : Bizzar (CD, Album)
Insane Clown Posse : Bizzar (CD, Album)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Insane Clown Posse : Bizzar (CD, Album)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Insane Clown Posse : Bizzar (CD, Album)
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Insane Clown Posse - Bizzar (CD, Album)

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Media Condition:  Very Good Plus (VG+)
Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)
Country:    US  
Genre:       Hip Hop
Style:         Hardcore Hip-Hop, Horrorcore

includes 3D glasses


The sixth studio album by Southwest Detroit rap group Insane Clown Posse

Bizzar is packaged in a jewel case with a black disc tray, a 3-D booklet, and mini 3-D glasses. When the disc tray is removed, there is a hidden image of the character Hack Benjamin

Released on the same day as ICP's seventh studio album "Bizaar"

Track 1 "Intro" contains a sample of "Urban Legend" from the feature film Urban Legend, used courtesy of Milan Entertainment, Inc. Written by Christopher Young. Published by Beneath It All Music / Sony - ATV Songs, Inc. (BMI)

Track 2 "Bizzar" features an uncredited rap by Twiztid (Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child both spit like 2 quick bars each, but there's no mention of it anywhere in the credits)

Track 3 "Cherry Pie (I Need A Freak)" is a cover of the song "I Need A Freak" by Sexual Harassment written by David Payton and published by OG Music / Jimi Mac Music (BMI)

Track 9 "Let's Go All The Way" is a cover of the song written by Gary Cooper and published by Lifo Music (BMI)/administered by Spirit Music Group

Track 12 "Crystal Ball" features an uncredited rap verse by Twiztid

Track 12 "Crystal Ball" ends at about 07:50. The first hidden track (a freestyle rap by ICP, Lo Dogg, and The Rude Boy) starts at 10:59, the second hidden track (a spoken word track by ICP) starts at 18:21, and the third hidden track (a song by Violent J) starts at 21:27


[The following text appears in the album's inserts

Thank You to: The great creator above. More thanks goes out to you than could ever be expressed in any way. Thank you for all that is and ever was and all that ever will be. Thank you for all of this amazing existence. Everything. Even the bad stuff because everything that happens is our history and future on this great earth. We believe that life on earth is nothing more than a tiny subliminal taste of all that really awaits us. Yeah. I hope that makes sense. If it don't, you know what we mean. Thank you ninja.

Plus thank you to each and every one of you that's involved in Insane Clown Posse's everything. There are too many ninjas to try and mention by name but the love we have for them will not go unmentioned. Thank you to all ninjas that are involve in our music, our tours, promotions, our movies, our wrestling shows, our toys, merchandise, artwork, hotlines, websites, haunted houses, our friendships, instores, videos, our bootleg music releases, our commercials, photos, posters, comic books, traveling, sex, love, health, communication, our lawsuits & legal battles, our drugs, our personal lives, and all of our public and private ventures of any kind. Juggalos especially. Thank you to all the small companies and businesses, and even the big ones that all take time and have heart to make this happen for us. Thank you. No matter how small you feel your role might be in our projects, as long as you have heart in what you're doing we love you for it.

Also, of course thank you to our families. Our moms, dads, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters, kids, sons, daughters, grandmas, grandpas, greats greats, house pets, yard pets, house ghost, friendly spirits, neighbors, mailmen, pizza guys, fuckin' anybody that makes day to day life what it is for us great. 

Thank you the MOST to Psychopathic Records ninjas. Old ninjas from back in the day all the way up to the new ninjas that we don't even know. Thank you all for the millions of different jobs and assignments that you guys do for us. Thank you for all the legal and illegal tactics that you have pulled off in the past and will continue to do in the future all for the sake of the Dark Carnival's message. Once again, there's no real way to thank you for all that you ninjas have done and continue to do for us. You ninjas are the ninjas that make the world go around.

Mystery Ninjas Backstage thank:
All Juggalos, Three 6 Mafia, Gary Arnett, Dan Christie, Snake Plissken, Ben Geddish, Bruce Fingerett, Michael Wood, Lindsey Feldman, Sticker Bob, Paul Andresen, E-Wolf, Jeremy Wolfe, The Baseball Furies, R. Jesse Deneaux, Project Born, Missy, Blue Monkey Sideshow, Steve Stitchmore, Dolemite, Jery Beck, Sandu Florea, Jessie McCann, Chaos! Comics, Breyer Wellington, Cash Flow, Mad Man Pondo, Fat Fuck Barrel Boy, Genshi, A.T. Huck, Death Dealer Tommy Star, 2 Tuff Tony, Doink The Clown, Big Haystacks aka Horn Swagglin' Hillbilly, Roddy Hogan, Squeaky Mike, Dan Curtis (RIP), Mr. Paradise, Perpetual Hype Engine, Rob Tré, Rod Sterling, All our friends at Island, Mindless Self Indulgence and Jet Li.

Check out these devastating fan sites: • • •
We got love for all fansites but these are the ones we've dealt with on the personal tip. If your site ain't up here, don't worry, you still get much props in our hearts. 

This entire album is Dedicated To The Butterfly

THE ISLAND DEF JAM MUSIC GROUP A UNIVERSAL MUSIC COMPANY © 2000 The Island Def Jam Music Group All Rights Reserved 314 548 175-2 Printed in U.S.A.

Word Search

Jamie Madrox / Abdullah's Fat Rolls / Rude Boy
Neden / Monoxide Child / Milenko
Slim Anus / Anderina Panderino / Jeckel 
Rover / Alex Abbiss / Riddle Box
Felipe / Fat Fuck Barrel Boy / Ringmaster
Parking Lot / Dark Lotus / Carnival
Toxic Love / Big Baby Sweets      
Shaggy Show
Sugar Bear

X  T  S  A  W  C  P  V  J  E  S  U  S  L  Z  Z  H  N  F  W  V  H  S  A  H
U  C  S  P  B  U  T  T  E  R  F  L  Y  R  J  R  K  E  E  S  H  U  V  E  T
L  E  I  R  L  D  S  H  A  N  G  R  I  L  A  R  G  N  T  D  G  F  P  U  X
S  P  B  D  U  M  U  D  M  Z  P  T  J  A  H  O  U  E  Y  A  E  A  C  L  I
I  A  B  J  Q  M  F  L  F  O  J  O  L  A  I  O  E  E  R  I  A  N  Y  L  S
V  R  A  J  W  S  S  A  L  Q  N  L  M  L  D  W  L  B  O  S  W  P  O  P  C
S  K  X  O  B  U  D  D  H  A  A  O  O  H  S  C  E  K  Z  L  O  H  B  G  K
U  I  E  B  Q  Q  L  J  L  H  H  S  X  Y  Q  A  T  E  K  G  H  M  L  G  U
T  N  L  J  L  H  E  S  Y  U  B  S  B  I  R  C  K  G  H  H  S  N  E  I  O
O  G  A  F  S  C  O  Y  K  K  P  A  F  J  D  R  Z  Y  H  U  Y  R  R  X  J
L  L  R  M  K  Z  P  N  K  I  R  R  T  A  R  E  O  U  R  L  G  X  R  F  J
K  O  N  E  X  S  Z  H  X  G  T  A  E  W  T  B  C  M  C  Q  G  U  A  D  F
R  T  L  D  F  F  E  T  I  O  A  W  Y  T  E  R  O  H  P  G  A  R B  P  J
A  C  R  R  Y  U  Z  B  D  U  T  H  C  D  S  K  O  T  I  U  H  Q  K  Q  D
D  P  G  O  E  P  I  L  E  F  R  Z  U  D  G  A  H  L  I  L  S  Q  C  L  O
R  J  D  V  X  C  F  L  N  T  F  R  Q  P  R  G  M  N  L  I  D  L  U  R  K
O  I  D  E  L  T  O  X  I  C  L  O  V  E  Z  W  K  G  W  S  C  F  E  R  C
W  W  D  R  L  S  F  C  B  M  A  V  G  E  K  B  U  D  N  R  G  Q  T  Y  C
W  J  C  D  I  G  A  Y  I  E  F  G  P  Y  V  G  A  T  Y  I  P  Y  A  I  F
D  A  P  X  L  R  M  L  Q  D  G  H  V  Y  E  E  N  R  S  N  R  V  F  C  P
H  Z  T  J  N  E  E  A  N  D  E  R  I  N  A  P  A  N  D  E  R  I  N  O  X
O  H  O  I  L  N  B  M  R  S  U  N  A  M  I  L  S  O  J  B  X  N  Y  T  Y
A  Y  V  W  K  F  N  O  N  D  X  O  R  D  A  M  E  I  M  A  J  D  W  L  B
B  A  F  O  B  B  M  T  X  S  G  O  S  X  Z  M  I  I  B  O  J  N  A  U  D
L  U  O  W  U  H  T  X  I  S  L  D  E  A  T  H  B  T  T  H  H  H  Z  N  E


----------------Paste Your Picture Here----------------

-----------Paste Your Enemy's Picture Here-----------

Bizzar Maze
Help Guide ICP from the Crashed Tour Bus through the 3-D Maze to the Dark Carnival, along the way avoid the Marauding Rednecks, the Bible-Thumping Preacher, Small-Town Cops, and try to keep J out of the Nuthouse.

Answer the entire quiz correctly and you'll win a fresh phone number. If you call the number you'll hear a funny-ass message from J and Shaggy! The number will be the digits of your answers. The area code is (734), but you'll have to win the rest...

#1 Violent J never takes his shirt off because?
(6) He has a giant scar that stretches from his lower back all the way around twice, and finally ending just above his left nipple (caused by a ruthless shark attack nine years ago in Iowa).
(5) He has a tattoo above his heart that reads, "I love Betty" - the girl who wound up letting everyone in the neighborhood tap it.
(8) He doesn't wish to reveal his incredibly muscular physique until the 6th Joker's Card is out.
(2) He has thick, green scaly skin that he must continually submerge in liquid - thus the Faygo.
(4) He's Fat.

#2 J and Shaggy's name of "I.C.P." once stood for?
(2) International Communist Party.
(9) Inner City Psychos.
(8) Inner City Posse.
(4) Intergalactic Cozmic Phazers.
(7) Insane Chaotic Psychopaths.

#3 Shaggy 2 Dope has a glass leg and uses Windex as lotion.
(9) True.
(0) False.
(2) I dunno.
(8) It's his eye that's made of glass and he uses Windex as Visine.
(3) It's his ass that's made of glass, and back in his Navy days he was known as Ol' Brittle Cheeks.

#4 Way, way back in the day, ICP had a third rap member named...
(4) John Kick Chass.
(2) David Lee Roth.
(3) Inferno.
(5) Dory Funk, Jr.
(7) Nate The Mack.

#5 Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope's real names are...
(1) Garrett Von Erich and Mo Fisher.
(5) Joseph Utsler and Joseph Bruce.
(6) Billy Boloto and Mike Curry.
(2) Sal and Sol Queerycum.
(3) Danny Spivey and Terry Hogan.

#6 ICP's long-time manager, Alex Abbiss, once worked at...
(8) Hot Hits Records in Roseville, MI (co-owner along with his brother, Mike Abbiss).
(4) Orgo's Adult Pleasure Palace in Detroit, MI (wiping the weird gooey substances off the floor and glass in the peep booths).
(5) Denny's in Novi, MI (co-owner, along with his twin brother, Abbiss Abbiss).
(8) The oriental health spa just off I-75 in Knoxville, TN (soothing fat truck driver's private parts).
(9) Canadian Border Patrol ("body searcher" AKA spreading ass cheeks and looking into anus holes).

#7 Psychopathic Records Don, Jumpsteady, spent nine months...
(1) In a prison for breaking and entering.
(0) On the front lines with the U.S. Army during the Persian Gulf War.
(9) Writing his autobiography entitled, When Flowers Turn Gray.
(3) Carrying a beautiful set of triplets in his womb after being impregnated by a French Wookie.
(2) Standing on his head balancing a large bowl of water on his foot (all this and more while he was enduring rigorous training to become a ninja in Osaka, Nippon).

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1. Intro 1:55
2. Bizzar 3:36
3. Cherry Pie (I Need A Freak) 4:33
4. Questions 5:44
5. Mr. Happy 4:43
6. Radio Stars 4:33
7. My Axe 3:52
8. If 3:39
9. Let's Go All The Way 3:35
10. Let A Killa 4:56
11. Juggalo Paradise 3:41
12. Crystal Ball 22:44


Barcode and Other Identifiers:

Barcode 7 31454 81752 3
Matrix / Runout 314 548 1752 01$
Matrix / Runout MADE IN USA BY UML
Mastering SID Code IFPI L009
Mould SID Code IFPI 0331


Phonographic Copyright (p) Island Def Jam Music Group
Copyright (c) Island Def Jam Music Group
Recorded At The Fun House
Recorded At Millennium Studios
Recorded At Rocky Mountain Recorders
Published By D.C. Publishing
Published By Twiztid Publishing
Mastered At Bernie Grundman Mastering
Distributed By Universal Music & Video Distribution, Inc.
Pressed By UML

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